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       How to deal with the handle falling off of zhenlishi watch? Now we Beijing zhenlishi maintenance service center provide the following for you. I believe that people who wear zhenlishi watch sometimes encounter the problem of handle falling off. Even if this happens, it is estimated that many people don't understand why the handle falls off. What should we do if zhenlishi watch handle falls off The technician of after-sales service center will introduce the reason why the handle of Zhenli watch falls off and how to deal with it.

       1、 One is just the head of the watch handle falling off, the other is the head of the watch handle falling off together with the tappet. In the former case, the handle head is often retracted or broken due to corrosion and external force impact. In the latter case, it is more complicated, but generally speaking, it is due to the fact that the pull tail hook of the watch movement breaks away or cannot lock the handle groove.

       2、 The causes of the failure include the wear of the splint, the wear of the tail hook, the looseness of the pull screw, the deformation and damage of the handle, etc. in the early years, the old Zhenli watches generally used the pull screw to fix the handle, while the current Zhenli watches are basically fixed by the pull shaft, so many of the old Zhenli watches lost the handle due to the looseness of the pull screw.


       3、 The handle of Zhenli watch is very easy to rust. After long-term use of Zhenli watch, the waterproof rubber ring in the handle head will be aging, resulting in poor sealing. The handle position is the first to bear the brunt of Zhenli watch's air intake. The corroded watch handle will become thinner at the root, and the strength will decrease. There is also the kind of "child mother" handle (common in Roman and medozhenri watches).

       4、 The so-called "Zi Mu Ting" is a watch handle for the two sections of the molecule ting and the mother ting. They are elastically matched. The rusted watch handle will be elastically reduced, so it is easy to be pulled out.

       If the watch handle falls off, it should be properly kept and not lost, and then it should be sent to the regular Beijing zhenlishi after-sales maintenance center for maintenance in time. It's better not to insert the handle into the watch by yourself, let alone repeatedly insert and pull it out. This may make the reclining wheel separate from the clutch rod, increase wear and tear, and increase trouble for future maintenance.

       How to deal with the handle of zhenlishi watch falling off? Beijing zhenlishi after-sales service center will provide you. If you still have watch repair, watch maintenance and other problems of zhenlishi watch, you can consult online at any time or call our Beijing zhenlishi after-sales service center at 400-061-9500. In addition, we can provide you with spare parts replacement and watch identification services. We have a special service Repair industry master for you a comprehensive answer!!!


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